Wednesday, May 24, 2017

See you next year! Hasta el año que viene!

Dear Spanish friends.

This week is our last week of school. We do not want to leave but we are very excited about the summer!
Yesterday, we had our graduation and next year we will go to third grade. We are very happy about that but a little bit concerned because our teachers told us that it will be more difficult.
Also, Mr. Martin told us that he will be teaching in Spain next year and some of us are sad about that...
We would like to see you next year and we hope we can continue making letters for you! It was great fun meeting you all!

We will see you in third grade!

Queridos amigos de España,

Esta semana es nuestra ultima semana de escuela. Nosotros no queremos que se termine pero estamos muy contentos por las vacaciones de verano!
Ayer tuvimos nuestra graduacion y el proximo año estaremos en tercer grado. Estamos muy felices por eso pero un poco preocupados porque nuestros maestros nos dijeron que sera un poco mas dificl.
Ademas, Mr. Martin nos dijo que el proximo curso el estara enseñando en España y algunos de nosotros nos pusimos tristes...
A nosotros nos gustaria verlos el proximo año y esperamos continuar escribiendo cartas para ustedes! Fue muy divertido conocerles!

Nos vemos en tercer grado!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mones de pasqua!

El viernes, dia 7 de abril hicimos las monas, cada grupo hicimos una y después las comimos. Estaban para chuparse los dedos. Ahora hemos estado toda una semana de vacaciones!

Ayer día 17, es el dia que en casa, comimos la mona. Nos la regala el padrino, abuelo, tío, padres...

Y hoy, ¡de vuelta a clase!

Estamos muy contentos de ver que teneis nuestras cartas.
¡Deseamos para todos un buen final de curso!

Hasta luego. Fins aviat.

After enjoying one week of holidays, today we are back! Yesterday we celebrated Easter with what we call "Mones de Pasqua". They are cakes with chocolate eggs on them! Yummy!

The end-of-course is now close, we hope you the best!

See you soon!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Letters received! Cartas recibidas!

Hi Spanish friends! ¡Hemos recibido vuestras cartas!

Hi friends! Just a quick text to let you know that we have received your letters and we are so excited!

We will be preparing our Easter texts for you next week and he hope you will get them very soon too.

Nuestro maestro nos ha dicho que allí en Cataluña ustedes se comen una mona durante la Semana Santa... Nos ha dicho que la próxima semana nos lo explicará mejor. Estamos muy intrigados por conocer a qué sabe una mona.

¡Les deseamos que disfruten de unos felices días de descanso! We wish you some happy days off to rest and enjoy your break!

¡Hasta pronto! See you soon!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hi friends!
We enjoyed watching your video. You speak Spanish very well! We understand your messages  and we are improving our English level. It’s funny to see you and to have some news about you because you live very far away.

Now, we know somethings about Dr. Seuss.
At school we are working “El pequeño príncipe”. Do you know this book? The author is Antoine de Saint Exupéry. It’s a great book. We recomend you!

In Spain we have a Spring break call “Semana Santa”. It’s a religious tradition. We have free time to stay with family and friends. We can go to the church on Sunday morning and we bring “palmas y palmones”. This Sunday is “Domingo de ramos”.
On Monday we eat a decorated cake. I’t’s “La Mona” and it tastes very well! Mmmmm it’s delicious!

These days in Spain are hot and sunny but some days ago the weather was very cold and rainy.

We Love animals and at our school we are studing about birds, reptiles, fishes and mammals too. It’s fascinating!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Break! !Vacaciones de primavera!

!Hola amiguitos! !Hola amics! !Hi friends!


We are very happy to know about you! We thought that our letters got lost somewhere but, finally, they arrived to destination! It took a while though... That must mean that we live very far away from each other!

We have seen your costumes and your parade and we all think that they are so awesome! You work very hard to make them! Some cities celebrate Mardi Grass here in America, which is a party that is very similar to your Carnestoltes but in our school we do not get dressed up.

Two weeks ago we celebrated the Dr. Seuss week, who is an important author of books for children. You may know some characters from his books such as The Lorax or The Grinch (the one that tried to steal Christmas...). We had the chance to come to school dressed with a different costume every day to show how much we love those characters: crazy socks, green jumpers, crazy hair styles... It was great fun!

Last week we had our Spring Break and that means a whole week without school. It was amazing! We could rest and be with our families and friends.

Do you have any Spring break in your region in Spain? What is the weather like in Spain? Is it hot? We have been told that Europe is very cloudy, cold and rainy! Is that true?

This week we are working on animals and plants needs. We are learning that there are different groups of animals and we can classify them! Did you know that?

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Carnestoltes! It's Carnival!

Hola amigos
Vemos vuestras fotos con mucha ilusión, Vemos que os han gustado nuestras postales de Navidad.
Ahora hemos celebrado el Canaval/Carnestoltes. El día 22 de febrero fuimos disfrazados a la residencia de ancianos ( Llar San Josep) e hicimos unes representaciones. El día 24 nos disfrazamos todo segundo de “ Peix Irisat”, es el personaje de un cuento y después salimos por la calle con todo el alumnado de la escuela. Todos disfrazados de algo relacionado con el agua. Lo pasamos muy bien. Os mandamos fotos.
¿Vosotros como lo celebráis?
Esperamos con entusiasmo vuestras respuestas
Una abraçada!!!

We visited the elderly residence and we get dressed of fairies,indian, heroes, clowns, princess, evils...
We showed our funny clothes to everybody and we prepared carefully a play . 
Then we danced and we enjoyed a lot.
They gave us a certificate.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy new Year, amics!

Dear Spanish friends,

We received your Christmas postacards and we are really happy about it. Our teacher told us about the Caga Tió and the presents it brings to you all every year. We decided to call it The popping log and we laugh a lot listening to the story that he told us. Thank you so much!

Some of us tried to thank you for the gift in Catalan, Spanish and English. Let's see if you can understand us!


In addition, this week we learnt about how to write a letter, so we have decided to send you one telling things about ourselves and asking you some questions. We hope that you will recieve a package with our letters very soon!

We also celebrated the Walk of Fame this past weeka very important tradition in our school in which the students with the best grades recieve presents and cheer up chants from the rest of the school. It is a very special day for us, specially for the ones who got those good grades! Our teacher has told us that you do not do that in Spain, so we thought you might like to see a couple of pictures about this tradition. 

We are really happy about having international pen pals from the other side of the world. Tell us more things about you and what things you do in your school, please!